Why VILDA Beauty ?

 Vilda Beauty Founder


Vilda was created to provide modern on-the-go goddesses with natural body care products.  Founder Aileen wanted to share her love for non-toxic clean beauty by using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in all Vilda products. 

Our products are practical to apply and carry around. Vilda houses their body care products in simple aesthetic reusable stylish packaging.  

Green and beautiful.  Vilda embraces your social and environmental conscience without compromising on your style. 



Coming from a family of chemists, it was natural that I would be ingrained in this subject. Whilst at school, I worked at a well known retail store and was happily placed in what was then known as their TCF Department.  That's abbreviated for Toiletries, Cosmetics and Fragrances.  It was bliss! 

Back then potpourri was in vogue so the department was lavished with an assortment of dried petals and spices that was either packaged or displayed so customers could select and blend their own potpourri mix.  There were also options to purchase fragrance oils (before essential oils became mainstream) to highlight a favorite scent. The department lacked natural non toxic products - it was a different time.

With the family background, my first retail exposure to beauty and wellness and my curiosity for natural non-toxic clean beauty, I began to formulate and craft body care products which suited my on-the-go lifestyle.  

After many trials and errors, there was a sense of pride and excitement when I packaged my first body care product specifically for heels, aptly named On-The-Go Heel Conditioner.  A stylish natural moisturizer you simply glide on your heels to smooth and nourish whilst on-the-go.  Compact, cruelty free, effective and simply packaged.

Natural non-toxic clean beauty is one part to living a healthy existence.  For me, it is about incorporating a well-balanced diet, keeping a moderately active routine (this includes a few guilt-free moments for myself) and being fundamentally aware as to how my lifestyle impacts the environment. 

Vilda is Scandinavian for 'wild'. Inspired by flora on the upper north shore of Sydney.  Environmentally aware without compromising on style. 

I would love for you to give natural products a go and try it for yourself.  Drop me a note and I'll reply to you personally !

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